Next week we’re teaming up with Roundhouse again to present Rising Futures: Participation Now!, where we’ll discover how music organisations can bring young people into the heart of everything they do.

Participation doesn’t just mean ‘taking part’ – it’s about empowering young people to take a lead in shaping their own musical futures.

Formed in 2009 Wired4Music is a unique leadership programme for young Londoners who are passionate about music. We empower young music-minded people from across the city to create their own projects and events, develop their skills and influence music through consultation, market research and advocacy. Most recently our young people initiated the Wired4Music Manifesto about the future of music in the capital.

Youth participation can take different forms:
* As a young person can you think of any times where your viewpoints have been heard and might have made an impact on something? If so, what did that feel like? If you can’t think of an example, what do you imagine it could feel like to ‘have a say’?
* Working with young people? What are some ways that you’re empowering young people to take the lead in their own musical experiences? If you’re struggling to think of an example right now, can you think of any ways that it might be possible in your work?

Join us on Facebook or tweet using the #W4MLDN hashtag to join the conversation.


Watch this film from Sound Connections which talks more about youth participation:

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