For this week I have been working as the Production Assistant for W4M and it has been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. At first I was actually quite nervous because this was my first proper job since leaving year11, I didn’t really know what to expect of being in the office but actually I really enjoyed myself!

At first I thought that it was going to be quite boring, sitting in the office all day staring at computer screens but actually there is so much more and it has been awesome! I worked behind the scenes for our W4M Manifesto; meeting up with the designers talking about what we want out of the Manifesto, meeting with our trustees and our W4M council members….

We spoke about how we can make our Manifesto really attractive, get our point across to people, make statements and create something that most young Londoners will want to get involved with. We spoke to the Design Surgery and we talked about how we can make our Manifesto attractive, inspirational, consistent and effective. We went back and forth talking about what we wanted it to look like and what was it that we wanted to get out of the end result.

One of the trustees of Sound Connections specialises in social media, so we spoke to him about how can we really get the Manifesto in with the crowd? We came up with amazing ideas to get our manifesto out there more in the media, which includes YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and many more!

We also met up with our W4M council members to whom we spoke about our ideas and what the designers want from us; colour schemes, typography, images, graphics, logo etc and they gave a lot of really creative ideas for our Manifesto, they are all excited to get involved.

I’ve had an amazing experience, its really cool to get behind the scenes and see who in the office makes everything happen and I’ve had amazing help and a really big confidence boost which helped because I knew most of the people I would be working with in the office and it was a really comfortable safe environment to work in and I think that having experience now will really help when I go and look for another job. I now know that I am more confident and if I set my mind to something I can really expand my creativeness and create an amazing outcome.

Hopes for the future.

Amelia Braz


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