Project - musiclearninglive!2012

In March this year Wired4Music members attended the Music Learning Live conference at the Institute of Education in London. Described as the highlight of the two-day conference, six members gave an engaging and honest insight into youth perspectives on music education. The Wired4Music team had several roles to play during the conference. Starting early was the media team consisting of Emma-Louise Amanshia, Aysha Atkins, Thomas Drake and Helen Finnegan, who spent the day filming events and interviewing people at the conference. The main event of our day was the live panel debate. Sat behind a very official looking table with microphones and glasses of water was Dean Atta who chaired the discussion, Alika Agidi-Jeffs, me, Anabelle Iratni, Mirasol Boyce and Amelia Braz. The debate focused on music’s place in the curriculum and the youth perspectives on music education. We wanted to focus on whether or not it is considered to be a lesser subject than others and what we would change about how the subject is taught. Our findings from the debate showed us that there is a huge inequality with personal tuition and a massively varying way in which the subject is delivered across London.

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