Share your music, connect with other musicians and find more performance opportunities.

Events Producers

Learn and develop your skills with hands on events experience by helping to create Wired4Music events.


Get practical paid experience facilitating music workshops and projects.


Help amplify the voice of people aged 16-25 and challenge decision-makers to make a more inclusive capital.


Connect with artists and producers and document music in London.


Learn from experts, get shadowing opportunities and experience a range of events and projects.

Some of Our Members



Music Aficionado

“I have a passion for helping emerging musicians, researching music and politics and I co-produced Wired4Music’s Rising Futures.”

Sophie D

Sophie D


“Starting out here has given me the confidence to speak to industry people who I would have been too nervous to talk to before and I've also met some creative, like-minded friends.”

Sophie K

Sophie K


“I’m currently recording my debut EP Blind by Daffodils, with support from Wired4Music Generate.”

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