Wired4Music residency: My thoughts as an event producer


My name is Timur, I am a composer, singer-songwriter, musician. I am developing into live events and roles where I can pick up many skills, to contribute to one of my larger goals of writing music for film, videogames, and other media.

I have worked with and benefitted from Wired4Music for a long time now on different projects including curating various themed playlists, Instagram takeovers, two listening parties and- until now- one of their larger events, their 10th anniversary which was hosted online.

That these two residency days, taking place over January and February, have brought musicians together to work in person on their existing music or to explore new ideas, I consider to be equally as noteworthy, especially with the effect of the pandemic upon the possibility of these sorts of projects happening.

My role on this residency programme was as an event producer. This role consisted of me helping the team, Jasmine, Tee, Sarah, and Redz to create ideas for and shape the direction of the residency.

The initial conversations began at one of the listening parties, and included details about the creative activities, a rough idea of a schedule, use of the building space and what the outcomes of the project would be. We wanted the participants to come away energised with new ideas for songs, or with new collaborations.

For the first date in January, I created the draft of the timetable of the creative activities. These included Icebreakers and warmups, including a now infamous sheet of 200+ tongue twisters. Then we worked on each artist’s existing songs and later taking a genre swap exercise. I also provided support during the day on acoustic guitar and keyboard.

A common thread between the two dates was a musical prompt document I created, which included lists of potential titles for songs, lyric starters, themes, and musical constraints. This led to some interesting results, as the artists used, or changed the use of the doc in our improvisations.

On the second and third date of the programme, we used a similar structure, as it worked well the first time. With many of the participants returning from the first date, things moved along at a quick pace, as we recapped songs, and then welcomed some new faces. Again, I provided support on guitar and keys.

At the end of the final day, we were able to open the floor to an audience to come and see what had been created over the course of the whole programme.

I enjoy playing and singing as part of a group and I feel having the opportunity to do so will enhance anyone’s music and creativity. Being able to lead parts of the workshops was fun, as I got to use some of my training from my acting work with the National Youth Theatre.

Moments for me were towards the end of each day, where ideas from small beginnings such as a guitar riff, chord progression would be realised in a finished idea that could be shared by an ensemble. Part of this for me was seeing Damelola improvise off my musical prompt doc on top of my chords and drums.

This style of programme is beneficial to anyone who wants a quality space to work on their music in a friendly environment, and free food!

Being able to be in a room with other musicians again I feel has shown me more about how Wired4Music works and how I can use that in my own event planning, including with my generate fund.

And this is the first run of this programme, so a lot of potential here for future growth.


Written by Wired4Music member Timur Wilson

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