W4M Residency: Reconnecting
By Milli-Rose

Earlier this month, four members of Wired4Music attended a day at Rich mix, which was filled with creativity, sharing and collaborating. The residency was a safe space to write, share and meet new people, without meeting a particular musical goal.

Meeting others and creativity in lockdown – what does this mean?

We all adapted to creating in lockdown. Within our own four walls, we all tried to remain positive with creativity. Practising our art form in lockdown was at times a lonely process (I know I found it to be), and integrating ourselves back into a community of music has had its challenges. For me, ensuring that I framed out an hour of singing a day during lockdown, gave me a creative structure. Even if I was feeling unmotivated that day, I knew the adrenaline that I would feel after. I had forgotten, as many of us have, what it is like to share your work, and read the expressions of others. Feedback and an audience response, although slightly scary, is equally rewarding.


Ice breakers

During the beginning of the session, it was primarily just getting to know the other members of Wired, as well as the facilitators. The session was run by Jasmine and Tee Peters. We were also joined by @Redzman94 and @Timur, and Sarah from Sound connections. The four residents, @damelolax @ikki100 @nazzydinero, and myself (@milli.rose) all got to know each other and what type of music we do individually. It was so refreshing to listen to other people’s relationships with music. Whether they be in education studying music or doing music independently in their own time.

We started with a few ice breakers, led by Timur. We were handed a sheet with a few tongue twisters and aimed to say them out loud. This was something that I used to do in Stage Coach as child, but I found that it got us thinking collectively about our use of words and the way that we articulate them in music, as well as just generally warming up our voices.


Sharing ideas

I have always appreciated how Wired4Music approaches their sessions and interacts with their members at Wired. Even during lockdown, the space felt available to be vulnerable with music and other creative artforms. This transitioned so well during the face to face session. The next phase of the session was framed out for us to share our own music and collectively, we brought it to ,ife. With vocalists and spoken word artists, a drummer and a pianist, the music was in flow pretty quickly. We started to layer other peoples work when sharing, with harmonies and when everybody started to add their own texture to the process. When I started to share my song, I started to see the piece come to life from a completely different angle than I had initially planned. Sharing with new people provides the opportunity to hear your work from a perspective that you didn’t think of.

Free Flow Writing

Free flow writing is something that I love to do. It  is such an informal approach that allows you to channel thoughts without boundaries. Doing this alongside other creatives allowed us to see how each other processes through a thread of different words. After this, we went in separate groups and embodied the challenge of writing a song from a genre that is outside your comfort zone. While we have all been out of our comfort zone, in and out of lockdown, musically it can be easier to play it safe with “what we’re good at”. Collectively we came up with lyrics with a rough structure, but it’s refreshing to workshop something that doesn’t have a definite right way to do things. We then shared our song with the other group and filmed it.


Overall, this session was an amazing way to branch out and try something new. Venturing out of your comfort zone in the arts is so important, especially as you get exposed to new ways of creating, while networking in the process. At the end of this month, there will be another opportunity to perform our material together at Rich Mix, which will be another opportunity to break barriers in music, network and personally build up confidence with original music.


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