W4M South Asian Heritage Month: Arushi Jain


Arushi Jain (otherwise known as OSE or Modular Princess) is an Indian American composer, Indian classical vocalist and modular synthesist. Primarily inspired by Hindustani classical ragas, Arushi’s distinctive style merges her honey-like vocals with experimental synthesis performances drawing from ambient and psychedelic traditions. Her music trembles with its newness – in her synthesis creations you will definitely find glimpses of gleaming tanpura, or the bubbling percussiveness of tabla, but there is a wealth of contemporary influence in the make-up of her sounds that brings the experience to a weird, attractive, anachronistic sound world.


Of her dual love for Indian classical music and experimental ambient electronics, Arushi writes: “The sonic world I create could not exist without the co-presence of both these subcultures that originated in different parts of the world where I lived and grew up. Both of them eventually changed me at the deepest levels.”


In her 45-minute set for Boiler Room, one cannot help but be mesmerised, suspended in aquatic time while gleaming drones warp and shift around you. In the video, she sways and smiles to herself, then deftly bears down a bright mass of interlocking wires, then back upward to sing, hands clasped, reverb-drenched fragments of lines that disappear and reappear from the otherworldly textures. It is a fascinating performance to watch.


Her upcoming second album “Under the Lilac Sky” was recently named by The Guardian as their Global Album of The Month to glowing praise and is loosely described as “six ambient arrangements that reflect the transition from day to night”. “Under the Lilac Sky” will be released on July 9th under Leaving Records.



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