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Its Jasmine here, introducing some really unique and fantastically curated playlists. We have 5 completely different playlists celebrating and championing LGBTQ identity. We are a truly diverse community and value all Wired4Music members of all genders and orientations! Hoping that these playlists bring you joy and happiness!

Grace’s Playlist

Coming to terms with loving and celebrating ourselves. Have a listen… and a dance. – Grace


Nancy’s Playlist


Link to socials: @nanc_97 (Instagram) Playlist Artwork by Nancy’s friend @caibellisart

During lockdown I have been researching and writing a lot about the ‘Dancefloor’ as a liberating space which holds the potential for escape, collective joy and an absence of judgement and discrimination. On the dancefloor everyone is equal.

Using this as a springboard for my playlist, I want to focus on disco and funk music from the Studio 54 era of the 70’s and 80’s which also parallels nicely with the music from the recent series It’s a Sin. During a time when AIDS took front and centre and homophobia was increasingly present in society, people from the LGBTQ+ community saw the dancefloor as a place of refuge and joy and I want to celebrate that through my playlist with music from the likes of Grace Jones, Depeche Mode, Donna Summer and Chic.


Timur’s Playlist

I like making playlists, and it’s a great opportunity to source some new LGBT artists alongside ones I already know.

Nathan’s Playlist

As someone who identifies within the LGBT Community, music is a big part of my identity. This playlist features iconic LGBT artists including Queen, Adam Lambert, Bornski Beat, Cyndi Lauper Sam Smith, Years and Years and George Michael providing me with lots of joy and a sense of belonging.

Olivier’s Playlist

I’ve created a 2 hour spotify playlist. Every song is family-friendly, uplifting and enjoyable for all.


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