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I had an audition for the Voice UK which kind of sprung on me because I personally HATE talent shows like that. But I’m in quarantine – what else do I gotta do to fill up my time! I sang Summer Walker’s Session 32 as an audition song just because I can relate to it so much and my original song ‘infactu8ed’. I’ve attached the link for some shameless promo! – Watch here

I am absolutely in love with Giveon and his voice. Makes me so happy to see real R&B portrayed in a very ‘in and out’ music era so I rinsed that all day. Still not sick of it. It’s so bad but I’m just so conditioned to listening to the same thing over and over again. I am definitely those people who can listen to a song again and again and again and still be obsessed with it after the 100th time. Don’t let me near the aux, I guarantee you will hear 1 song 4x in 1 night.




I finally got around to listening to Chloe x Halle’s new album. Sensational. Beyoncé has definitely mastered artist development for these young women. It actually inspired me to write a song completely unrelated to the album but more on a creative flow. I tend not to write songs that come from jotted words I’ve discovered throughout the day but for some odd reason, I wrote down ‘block and go’, ‘taciturn’, ‘Sunday best’, ‘unsolicited advice’, ‘rubbing alcohol’ and ‘narcissist’ on my white board and went crazy. I started writing lines from past conversations to really exaggerated scenes that you only imagine in your head on paper and I felt so creative. I managed to write 2 songs about a conversation with a music industry head who said my music wouldn’t speak to a lot of people and I tend not to let people get to me but what she said stuck with me so I called the song ‘Unsolicited Advice’. As a creative, I’m sure many of us have experienced rejection and being told they aren’t good enough – and it used that as a benchmark to get my point across in the most truthful and light-hearted manner I could think of so it is definitely in the future releases pile. The other one I dashed, I didn’t like the melody or the lyrics, wasn’t really feeling it so I moved on.




As my EP is coming to an end, I’ve started to realise how much I love discovering underground independent artists. I can see the hard work that goes into just releasing a song – the play listing, promoting, sharing, making the most of the release. It is hard but it is also admirable, I rate it so much. In light of black lives matter, I made it a mission to support my black artist friends and their friends, so on and so forth. I took it upon myself to educate the struggles they go through and have been sharing all of their music and creative projects they have made because damn, they are sick. I love seeing hard work pay off and they don’t call me Pritt the plug for nothing. I hooked so many of my followers on my friends and I was so happy to see they I was connecting people intentionally and doing my part for the community. Just a disclaimer, people don’t actually call me Pritt the plug, that was a joke. I have a playlist attached with all the black people I know that have influenced me music wise and how proud I am of them –  Check it out




I worked on making corrections on my EP today, ready to send off tomorrow and honestly there is 1 song on there that I know people are going to love. It’s that gut feeling you get. You’ll hear a snippet at the end, I’m not going to leave you hanging!  I think a lot of thinking and rearranging occurs when releasing an EP, just because you want people to really understand the body of work and why I have put a certain song in that order or why I talk about certain things in your songs. I know for a fact, this EP; lyrically has the upper hand in comparison to my last EP which had immaculate production and the producer was just as invested as I was. You could even say it was a joint project. I was able to show off my sound as a first project without saying too much and letting the music speak for itself.

With this EP, I took the wheel with no real guidance and did what FELT right and I think that is an important skill artists need to take control – it’s easy relying on people’s opinions to get something done but if that becomes a comfort, it’s hard to break the habit. As an avid listener to R&B and Eastern/South Asian music, I know what my audience enjoy and don’t and if I’m honest, if I don’t love it, I won’t put it out. That being said, during my break I decided to check out ‘Your Summer Rewinds’ on Spotify and oh my, it does surprise me how much your taste can change in a year! I do thing some of them are my sister’s regular tunes. But one of the UK artists I rinsed last summer was kadiata – I saw him live at GUAP Mag’s event and I was in love. ‘Art Hoes’ caught my attention as soon as he played it. Last summer was also when Lion King came out and the soundtrack for it was my anthem all summer.




I listen to Tamil songs on a regular, I just haven’t found any of the recent songs in the Kollywood industry interesting. It’s long finding songs that are trying too hard so I tend to stick to the classics – if you are Tamil, you will know exactly know what I’m talking about.

I try to dedicate Fridays from New Music Friday – it gives me a chance to catch up during quarantine because EVERYONE’S dropping music right now and I can never seem to stay on track. I love this little space that Spotify has created – it caters to what I listen to and quite frankly, allows me to be versatile with the artists I listen to. I have the likes of Octavian, LUCKI, bLAck pARty, Dreya Mac  and so many more. I love finding new music because it just helps me with my music and influences I can take into consideration. I’m working on production and mixing and I want to keep learning all the time and I think it is amazing listening to new music where new limits are tested. Kind of puts hope for what’s to come – not all music is just churned out for the sake of it, it is cultivated and made to show off the artist’s best. I actually love Frank Ocean’s work ethic – he releases music that is always at high quality because he takes his time, he doesn’t conform to other’s opinions and he makes sure he gives it his all when he releases. Although his work rate may not work in this day and age for upcoming artists, it can be applauded and appreciated.

I don’t feel so bad when I don’t release a tune after a tune – I know that what I make is being appreciated by my crowd and my hard work isn’t being brushed off. I try not to conform but that’s why I have excessive preparation before I release or announce anything. I think consistency is key but overdoing it and dropping music just for the sheer views is a big no from me. I hate the feeling I get when I’m not 100% on a song and I drop it regardless just because. I even took a track down because the more I heard it, the more I hated it. It wasn’t me; hence why my next EP means so much to me.


Everyone’s entitled to an opinion but it’s up to you when you want to take it or not.

– By Pritt



Sample Pritt’s EP here> Growing Pains

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