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I usually start my day with prayer, and sometimes songs can come out of that. Today, as I spent some time with God, I became very mindful of the atmosphere around me – the trees, the birds, the warmth of the sun, the breeze. Then the line, “You are everywhere, I see you in everything”, came to mind, so I recorded it on my phone quickly. I’ll hopefully flesh out this idea later in the week!

My songwriting process is very varied – sometimes I’ll sit and dedicate time to writing music, whereas sometimes ideas will just come to me and I’ll capture it in the moment. However, I am trying to work on establishing some writing techniques that work for me, so I can get better at writing on demand.



As I’m looking to improve when it comes to writing vocal lines and developing harmonies, I’ve been listening to artists who I think do this well – Thirdstory, Stevie Wonder, Rachel Chinouriri, Yebba, Baby Rose, and Jacob Collier, amongst many others.

I’ve recorded music with a full band before but as of recent I’ve been trying to strip things back and make sure the song itself is strong enough to stand on its own, so that a full production only emphasises what’s already there. I was listening to Cayendo by Frank Ocean the other day. It’s a very bare song with just vocals and electric guitar – the verses are in Spanish so I don’t even understand most of it – yet the songwriting and his delivery make this simple song incredibly captivating.



I woke up with the intention to work on a new song after my morning walk. While I walked, ideas for ‘You are everywhere’ came to mind, so I pulled out my phone and took note before the ideas disappeared.

Once I got home, the main bulk of the song took me about 10 minutes to stitch together. I had only planned to write, but ideas were flowing so well, so I started recording straight away.

I spent a few hours recording guitar and vocals, and had way too much fun developing harmonies. I’m quite new to recording myself at home and there’s so much to learn, so it was really encouraging to have a good recording session. You can listen to a snippet of what I recorded here>.



There are so many songs I’ve casually recorded as voice memos, some great, some not so great – ha. It’s really helpful for songwriters to write a plethora of songs – getting both the good and bad songs out. This helps me exercise my songwriting muscles often and see how I can continue to improve.

Recently, I’ve been going through my voice memos and thinking about which songs to develop. Some songs need rewriting in certain parts, which is actually a process I really dislike! Revisiting my work and making edits can be tedious but it’s important that I follow my instincts when I sense that the message I’m trying to convey could be articulated better. It’s an opportunity to push myself as an artist and explore approaches that are less familiar to me. Better art, better artist – it’s a win win situation.



A few weeks ago, I wrote a song inspired by the book, The Fishermen by Chigozie Obioma. The plot of this book is intense and there are so many moments set in the dark by moonlight, so the song I wrote has a dark and suspenseful feel to it.

It’s quite rare that a book will inspire my writing, but at the time I felt like I was in a creative drought, and I heard a songwriter say, “To be a great writer, you need to read. A lot.” So, I went into my sister’s room, grabbed a book and just started reading. This was the first novel I’d read in years (I tend to read non-fiction) and it was amazing to dive into a completely different world – a small Nigerian town, in the 90s.

I can’t wait to start recording this song – I hope to write for film one day, and I can definitely hear this song on a film soundtrack.



Sample Gabrielle’s demo here> You Are Everywhere

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