Congratulations to our 2020 Generators!

This years’ Generators will be working in partnership with Wired4Music to develop their creative projects.



Elijah’s project funded by W4M is a music video from his Album ‘Younified’. The video will be a visual representation of his environment and ambition to exceed outside of his surroundings. The music video will cast lots of young creatives, giving them the opportunity to be comfortable in front of the camera and create the best music video.





Kiayann’s project, ‘Shut down the Showcase’ is a South- London based project that will bring together live performers and showcases emerging talent in a supportive atmosphere.







Weenfest is a festival that started in 2019 to celebrate Halloween in all its glory – with bands, workshops, costume contests, and choose your own adventures.







An EP “The Gap”

An self-reflective body of work seeking explore the remote corners of untapped emotion & musical potential.







“Welcome To Mars; A live music experience with the intention of lifting your vibrations from within.”





Find out more about the Generate Programme here.

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