3 Simple Secrets to Sell Out Your Next Gig

Nowadays it’s not enough for musicians to simply focus on the music. You also need to be a marketer, salesman, and a talented artist all in one. Live music is the heart of the business for most musicians, but you have to be strategic about where you play, how often you play, and how you promote the gig. Without these strategic steps, don’t expect to show up to a full house at your next live event.

Spread Out Your Shows and Limit Your Audience

Would you go to see your favorite band perform every week? Probably not, and your fans feel the exact same way. You need to think about each event strategically and determine what you’re trying to accomplish at each event. If you host too many events then people will simply think “eh, I’ll just go to their next gig”. Therefore, it’s recommended that you do a local gig every 6-8 weeks. You should also limit the number of seats at each event as people love exclusivity. Play up the exclusivity of the event by reminding your fans that the remaining number of available tickets are limited and make sure they buy one before its sold out. You will want it to seem like it’s a struggle to get tickets, and that some people may have to buy from scalpers on the day of the event. However, you should also be aware of any laws or regulations that are restricting ticket resales. For example, Google is clamping down on ticket resellers and you may need to find a work around to your online marketing tactics.

Create a Street Team

The more people that you have working on the show, the more people you will have invested in its success. This is a marketing strategy that many big companies use to spread some of the promoting to its investors. First, come up with a theme for your gig. Make it something that resonates with your fans or something relevant to current news. Then, use this theme to create promotional items such as flyers, t-shirts, and posters. Once you have all your material created, reach out to some loyal fans or your best friends. This will be your street team, and you can host nights where you all go out and canvas for the event and come back from some pizza and drinks. They should also be scoring free tickets to your gig so that it’ll encourage them to bring their paying friends.

Run Contests on Social Media

Social media will be your best friend during the promotional period of your gig. You should be visible on every channel to include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and SnapChat. Through these accounts, you should have your promotional flyers and embrace the theme you came up with for the gig. You can also run contests on social media accounts to generate buzz about the event. Have people post a picture of them rocking out to one of your songs or ask them to take a photo of something that reminds them of your band. Then, pick your favourite one at the end of the event and give them free tickets to the gig, or some free promotional gear. This will provide you with free advertising and help you reach out to people you may not have had access to.

As a musician, the music probably comes easy to you. However, the marketing may not be as natural. If you follow these tips, you’re sure to sell out your next gig in no time.


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