After months of planning and organising, Rising Futures 2018 was a success! Co-produced by Wired4Music members, Rising Futures was a day long music industry event, packed with inspiring masterclasses and talks. From learning how to create your own track to speed networking, Wired4Music members had plenty of opportunities to enhance their musical skills and develop their brand. The key aim of this day, was to make available a wide variety of masterclasses and talks for our Wired4Music members, which accurately reflected the diversity of the music industry.

The day kicked off with a brilliant panel discussion, ‘How I Got my Job’. We were joined by artists, producers, and professionals alike during this panel, which gave a great insight into how attainable these careers really are! This talk was followed by a range of workshops, including a ‘How I Made It’ session and an Event Management session.

Following lunch was a music video screening and Q&A session, where video directors and artists were able to engage with Wired4Music members and share their stories. Our workshops continued also, including that of our Vocal Health workshop and a wellbeing masterclass led by Grace from the Self-Esteem Team. The day came to a close with our Women & the Future of Music panel discussion, which was an amazing experience for both the organisers and the audience. We had a range of speakers, from all backgrounds and ages, which gave a genuine and honest insight into the music industry from a female perspective.

All in all, Rising Futures aimed to be a day that would inspire, empower and encourage Wired4Music members, to continue to pursue their passion in music, equipped with industry insight, live and direct from professionals. From the reaction of the members and their active contributions and engagement, it is safe to say, that this is something that we have achieved. Yet, what made this event even more special, was the overwhelming response to our open mic call out, which definitely made Rising Futures 2018 one to remember!

– Rising Futures by Shanaé Chisholm (Wired4Music Co-Producer)

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