Promoting Music in the Digital Age –

New music has never been in short supply; what is more, with today’s internet and smartphones, putting your music out there has never been easier. The problem is that the market is oversaturated, and every online release is swimming against the tide of countless other artists. For young artists, too, the opportunity is invaluable in lieu of established cash to get into the ‘physical’ industry.

However, it is crucial to have an online presence. PwC have reported that 68% prefer buying music online. The key, then, is to get your music out there and get people listening to it.


If you’ve been doing music for a while you may well have some friends and acquaintances in the industry. Turn your head, then, towards collaboration. Collaboration is ever-present and crucial in rap, for example, with many smaller stars getting their breakthrough features on established artist’s albums, and even superstars frequently calling up others to make sure their album is getting a food level of press attention (though sometimes superstar collaboration is very superficial).


It should seem obvious, but the importance of streaming for music promotion can’t be understated. Many services will let you get your music up for free if it’s at least baseline audio quality, and aside from being instantly available, it’ll give you a few pennies from streaming. Having your music up on one, or multiple, streaming services, allows users who’ve picked out your track somewhere else to quickly and easily access it. It can be a huge pitfall not to have your music available to those who’d seek to listen after catching a track elsewhere.

Getting Professional

With the help of organisations like Wired4Music, Urban Development, Roundhouse, Sound and Music and Help Musicians UK you’ll have the helping hand you need – but there is more you can do. First off, get social media savvy – there’s a world of ways to properly promote your music via social media that you might not have thought of before, and social media tricks and methods of getting your product seen. Make sure you approach music blogs, who in the digital age often act as an internet John Peel, giving anyone with a decent sound an outlet to get heard. Finally, consider having a ready-made press pack for the day you are approached by a major outlet or news retailer; having your information ready in a digestible format will give you a professional aura and make sure nothing is missed.

The internet is an incredibly useful tool for self-promotion and marketing of your musical produce. But, it can be a mire, with the sheer amount of data bogging down even the most dedicated artist. There are ways to make your life easier, as we’ve shown, and you could soon be an intrepid internet explorer, marketing your art in the most efficient way.


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