How diverse is diversity?

On 12 December 2017, Wired4Music traveled to Manchester for Contact Theatre and Arts Council England’s Power Through Diversity. Below is Wired4Music member Dylema’s response to the day.

How Diverse is Diversity?

Apparently it always rains in Manchester
Mild tappings on shields of umbrellas
Ushering us to a cave of swarming adults
Interesting, It is not just the rain we have come to seek refuge from
We have arrived
The jury stack themselves on every isles
Ready to witness the case
Between the problem and the solution
The panel are the judges the discussion is the criminal
Diversity has committed today’s crime
The walls are black
The floors are black
Some of the faces that look up are black
The shadows against the back walls are black
I am black and feminine amongst this diversity they envision
But the panel in question has no black and feminine in their discussion
I wonder if diversity is a word they use to flex majority muscles over minority problems
Or if it’s a way of casting nests over our heads
And setting minorities straight by reallocating them their place
I wonder if diversity is really a word for me
Black, woman, silenced and now still wondering where on that stage I should be
Where on that stage is the woman like me?
“Organisations want to employ people, who look like them”
May I then look for another lecture room as I’m sure I will not be hired in this one?
It’s easy I think
To encourage diversity
We are automatic reflections of our environment
We must allow the pedestals to reflect the nation
The city
The values
It’s easy, I think
Just because you are the majority doesn’t mean you’re normal just common
Don’t hire your friends next term to match your fantasies
Instead find people that reflect our reality.


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