“Are you serious??”


Was the general response to when I announced I was gonna roll thru. To a gig. In a chicken shop.


~ Rewind ~


Yeah so if you’re unfashionably late, there was a wicked event in Greenwich last week. Put together by Nehmy and the BEVLDN team, I trekked across to South LDN to see with my own eyes what a gig in a chicken shop would look like.


Everyone was impressed with the visuals, guests, people on buses passing by, builders, little Yorkshire Terrier dogs… so much that there was even a *car crash on the night!!


*for real, they spent the whole night across the road calling their insurance companies*


Walking past the iconic Cutty Sark and Maritime Museum, I was slightly confused and unaware that there was a residential side to Greenwich, so I was intrigued to find out what I’d see after passing the Greenwich Uni.


After a quick check again on googlemaps, and making sure I’d come on the right day, I looked up. I’ve arrived. Lahore Curry and Grill House. So where’s the gig?


I walked in and instantly recognised NEHMY. They were still setting up the posters but the music was loud, hip hop and even a bit of Erykah Badu. I looked over at the **Bossman to see if he was annoyed but they all looked relatively chilled out and ready for the incoming guests.


Looking around, I was so surprised by the originality and small details – the mini photography exhibition of the mandem, the BEV menu – even the display menu had a BEV makeover. And when I reached exactly @ 7 – there was already enough people to party.


What I really loved was the energy of these guys – I got to meet Rich552 and he told me that the idea just came after realising they shot 3 videos in this chicken shop and Bossman seemed cool with it.


I asked what they would do with all the money they earnt from the night – Rich told me all the money was going to the shop!! He told me that it was a thank you to Lahore for putting up with them partying!! Fair enough!


They were so respectful as well – every time it seemed too lively – people kept dipping in and out of the shop like you would do, the music was pouring out into the street and we were happy to chill outside and dance a bit. As well as capturing the young LDN experience perfectly; rolling up to this gig truly felt like a cotch with your bredrins. Like there was music, laughter, chilling @ the bus stop outside the chicken shop and even a sweet moment when this ooooold lady got off the bus and the BEV boys were like ‘eyy… move back so she can get thru, yeah’ and everyone moved forward so she could pass through the street.


Like I predicted … it was packed! People were coming out of nowhere to see this amazing gig! I left a bit early because I’m a square, but Nehmy pulled me back and was like – don’t leave without getting your food! And I walked off home – chicken box in hand, feeling so sad that I couldn’t stay and see more!!!

**Bossman is the chicken shop owner

Written by Kaisle Grai, AKA Jasmine Kahlia

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