I chose to attend the GRIT School ‘Ways to Make Money’ seminar as a Wired4Music Ambassador to share my experience as a member so far.

As I thoroughly believe in the Wired ethos and what we’re achieving, I was excited to share the varied opportunities I’ve gained so far, including representing at debates, facilitating discussion groups, performing at Boxpark and running our Live music night at Rich Mix.

In addition to my enthusiasm for Wired, I attended the seminar to gain from it myself.

As a musician, I’m incredibly interested in how to make a living using my passion, so I was excited to learn about what the industry has to offer. The seminar itself gave great insight into the various avenues for making money in the music industry – session work, peripatetic teaching, function bands and many more. GRIT School broke down role, highlighting the pros and cons to give listeners a realistic depiction of what it’s like, which I enjoyed as I was able to take note myself on what to consider as a musician.

The general atmosphere of the GRIT School was welcoming and friendly, so getting up to speak about Wired was a breeze. They seemed interested about Wired, so hopefully we’ll be getting a couple new members soon.

Gabrielle Chudi


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