Who are Ya? –WAY FESTIVAL @ City Hall, by Wired4Music member Kaisle Grai

So on Saturday, I went up to the City Hall to represent Wired4Music at the Who Are Ya Festival. What a cool event! For those of you that don’t know, WAY was a collection of various workshops including photography and spoken word, which were the most popular! And also a performance section at the end, which I regretted not staying for because they had free food, which I always love!! But free food aside, I did get to speak to some exciting organisations in London that are doing some great things right now!

Lets talk about Access to Music. http://www.accesstomusic.co.uk/

These badboys have been doing courses in various subjects since when I was a young teenager and they are based in Stratford [East] and Kilburn [North West] so there is no excuse not to sign up for a course. They have a massive range of subjects going from Music, Media and Theatre, which prepares you for a profession in the Creative Arts and you can study business to brush up your skills or you can study Production or Songwriting too. They have some open days coming up in the summer, so defo get in touch with them about doing a course!


Then I went over to chat to a really amazing organisation – Mental Health : The Arts


They are just starting out as an organisation and are working with London Creatives that are breaking away from their boundaries with Mental Health by expressing themselves through the arts. They are currently putting together a documentary and doing various projects around confidence building, public speaking and skill development.









Then I was grabbed by the arm by Carl, a dynamic member of the team 2-3 Degrees, a platform that develops young people with the power to make positive decisions. He had a big board asking me – WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF?

A few bowls were laid out with :-




And some papers inside them. I chose hard work because sometimes I can be a bit lazy, haha! And Carl spoke to me motivationally about how I can overcome this and plant my leaf on the I WILL TREE.



So all in all, what a great event for young creatives in London. Loads of really cool things going on and in the evening there were performances!! So my final thought leaving the event is WHO ARE YA!!!! Let ‘em all know!

Signing out,

Kaisle Grai!












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