Wired4Music – what do we think about the EBacc proposal?

In light of the Government’s open consultation launched in November 2015, on implementing the English Baccalaureate, Wired4Music felt it was imperative to hear from as many people aged 25 and under about whether they think that studying music at school is important and why, and to ensure that their voices were heard. In a decision which could potentially leave little room for music and the arts within the national curriculum, it is crucial that the Government hears from those who this change will affect directly during their time at school. Likewise, it is important to hear the views of those who have experienced music as a part of their learning without the EBacc,  who are able to shed light on if/how implementing the EBacc would have affected their musical experience at school and their musical experiences since leaving. We cast the net far and wide, sharing a short survey which gathered 138 responses from those who felt that their opinions needed to be heard and considered in the making of this decision.


Read the full response Wired4Music EBacc consultation response

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