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Wired4Music member Helen Finnegan has written the next in our series of ‘Wired4Music on tour’ partner profiles. This is a series of profiles detailing our experiences and work with organisations in and beyond London to establish new platforms for young leaders to shape spaces, shape conversations and shape music-making. These are being launched as a part of Wired4Music’s 5th birthday celebration. You can read partner profiles about our work with Brighton & Hove Music & Arts service, Rhythmix and EFDSS here.

Lambeth Music Network at the Southbank Centre 27 March 2015

After opening music and a fun-filled drumming workshop hosted by Kinetika Bloco we jumped straight into a panel discussion chaired by the young people of the Lambeth Music Network asking sizeable questions regarding the future of Lambeth Music Network and music provision for young people in general.

It became apparent there are two stages of a young person’s musical journey that needed the most work; the transition between primary and secondary school, and what happens at 18 when young people leave school? How can we improve accessibility of musical instruments whilst enabling primary-age musicians to continue their interests into secondary school? As well as discussing the fundamental issues surrounding instrument provision, we touched upon other forms of support for young musicians. What can we do when parents aren’t willing to support their children and how can we provide fully for those that are willing but perhaps not able?

The main conclusion to be drawn was not how can we provide but how can we communicate? There are so many opportunities for young people to take advantage of but organisations need to advertise themselves more effectively. We must communicate with parents and young people educating them on musical opportunities available whilst maintaining consistent communication with other organisations. The information and answers are always out there – we just need to become closer in our networks to push them out in a way that effectively engages young people.

– article written by Wired4Music member Helen Finnegan


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