The Paul Hamlyn Foundation review is report about music in schools in the UK. The report talks about how leadership, commitment and innovation will help release the great potential of music education to provide the best opportunities for all children and young people.

As part of this report Wired4Music was asked to do a focus group to look at music education and how the experiences that we’ve had have impacted on our lives. As part of the report Wired4Music was featured and I was a part of the focus group, we were all delighted to have our voices heard!

I think that the report was really interesting to read. I found sections where music was becoming more involved in the curriculum in and out of school and it was great to hear that more and more young people are getting involved in music because their school or local music centres are delivering at a high standard and as a result of this report would enforce the consistency of music-making for young people.

The power of music can really change the lives of children and young people. Being involved as a Wired4Music member and having our own focus group featured as part of this report allows the policy makers, music-makers and the public to hear the different opportunities and experiences that we have had as young people and how that it has effected our lives in really positive ways.

In response to this report I think that if things were to change, it would affect even younger people in the future to come. We could have as many opportunities or the necessary facilities that we would of wanted when we were younger, this would have a better impact on their lives.

I think that young people should be more involved in the conversations about where the funding for music should go and our Wired4Music Manifesto really encourages this:

 “Music is an island that everyone can stand on. Give us all the chance to try. Don’t stereotype young musicians. Listen to our stories, help us to rise up. Let’s look towards the future, we can lead the way.”

– Wired4Music Manifesto

There is a need for change. Music is not always about being on stage and performing. It is also about being behind the scenes and where your opportunities start in primary or secondary schools and if young people were to have a say in where the funding should go then the generations to come will have even better opportunities.

“Music is our passion, our life and our dream. We want presence on stage and behind the scenes. Give us the opportunity and we’ll show you the possibilities.”

 – Wired4Music Manifesto.


By Amelia Braz, Wired4Music Member

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