Keiran Pearson, aged 17, is a percussionist and Wired4Music member:

On Tuesday 18th February, Wired4Music partnered with the world-famous Roundhouse to deliver Rising Futures: Participation Now! symposium as part of the Roundhouse Rising festival. I had the privilege of taking part in the day’s activities, and having a lead voice in the discussions.

The aim of Rising Futures was to encourage young people and music organisations to work together to produce a better scene for all young musicians in London. In preparation for the event, I, along with the other Wired4Music members, discussed how we could get the most out of the event. After all, the Wired4Music Manifesto was created for and by young musicians, so it only made sense that young people were the ones deciding what happened on the day.

The subject of youth empowerment was a very popular and well discussed one at Rising Futures. For example, our larger-than-life host Kheron Gilpin did a great job of showing the audience how excited he was about the day in the opening speeches, and Wired4Music member Delicia and I explained the Manifesto in greater depth, in our words. Later on, the panel discussion demonstrated exactly what the young people thought of music in London, and as the questions and comments were opened up to the audience we heard constructive reactions from fellow young musicians and people who work in music across the capital.


It’s amazing that the symposium happened. You tend to forget about how many people care about music and how it can be improved for young people until you get a bunch of them in one room, talking about actions. The break-out sessions also did a great job of connecting people and making each other aware of the way people feel about the state of music for young people now.

As a musician, Rising Futures was a great opportunity for me to demonstrate my passion for music and my want for change to the people that needed to hear it. I also had the pleasure of playing the Wired4Music Manifesto tune in collaboration with Kinetika Bloco, who I have become more closely associated with.


What’s great about Rising Futures is that it’s opened up a world of opportunity. Here’s a couple of things I can see happening soon:



  • More discussions between the Wired4Music and people who work in music, and within the Wired4Music community. Not only will this result in strength in solidarity, but some more great events where we spread the word about the manifesto. Join the conversation using the #W4MLDN hashtag>


So now it’s time to chase up all the Wired4Music members for our next meeting. I’ll be leading the session myself, discussing future plans for music-making and the changes we want to make. Watch this space!

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