The Wired4Music manifesto project is well under way with the recent recording session last Wednesday. Taking place at City University London in Angel, singers, rappers, saxophonists, pianists and percussionists descended on the studios in the basement of the North London University.


Because Wired4Music members are starting to make some noise. The creation of our manifesto will highlight the key reasons behind all the hard work the members put in and why music is so important to everybody. The manifesto has taken form of a series of points that have been transformed (with the help of a W4M member of course) into a film showcasing all the amazing events our members have helped shape and take part in. But this film needed a soundtrack and who else would we turn to but the array of talented musicians we keep company with?

With the help of Andy Allen and Dave Crane, two establishing composers in London and former City students, in just three short hours we were able to create a plethora of tracks ready to be mixed into shape. The commitment and enthusiasm of these musicians always amaze me in how they can stand up to that mic with little more than a few riffs and backings to go off and record tracks worthy of being on stage there and then. Things are starting to get exciting as the session has sparked interest in further recordings, so watch this space.

Article written by Wired4Music member Helen Finnegan.

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