Our Wired4Music members are currently working on a manifesto, which will address key issues on the minds of young musical Londoners.

Why are we writing a manifesto?

Drawing from every corner of London, our members are passionate about a variety of musical interests. We represent a diverse cross-section of creative young people – all wired for music.

Set-up in 2009 the council quickly established a mission: to voice opinions on music education and raise awareness of musical opportunities. In 2011 we were invited to consult on the Mayor of London’s music strategy for young people. In 2012 members spoke as panelists at the musiclearninglive! conference. In 2013 members coordinated with the Roundhouse to design the Rising Futures day of conversations between young people, policy makers, educators and music industry professionals about the future of music.

We have established ourselves as the only pan-London youth council with a music focus, and our members are eager to influence the bigger musical picture in London. The Wired4Music manifesto will act as a starting point for these important conversations.

How are we writing the manifesto?

Our young Wired4Music members have been empowered through every step of the manifesto writing process.

At our July council meeting, members gathered to discuss the greatest opportunities and challenges in the lives of young Londoners who are passionate about music. Since then, we’ve met weekly to develop the manifesto. Members have met with special guests working in areas such as design and marketing to give them expertise and guidance. Through the summer term, we had two young assistants on placement in the office.

How do I get involved?

Anyone aged 13-25 and living in London is invited to join Wired4Music. By joining our wide network of young musical Londoners, you will gain access to a wealth of musical opportunities as well as training, advice and guidance. You’ll also be able to take part in our exciting rewards scheme and come to our quarterly council meetings at Nando’s!

If after joining you are keen to become more involved in the manifesto, you can give our coordinator Amy a shout at amy@sound-connections.org.uk or 020 7729 7220.

The manifesto will officially launch in November at Sound Connections’ Would Like to Meet networking event. The manifesto launch is just the beginning. If you are a young person or an organisation working with creative young Londoners, there will be many ways to join the conversation. Get in touch!

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