Artist Name: Rahmel Lee

Pronouns: Him/He

How did you get started in music

Music has always been around me, however my first interest started when my mother purchased me my first instrument which was the keyboard for Christmas at the age of 11. I started using it everyday to create beats as a hobby; Simultaneously at the time I was learning how to play the steel pans which is a family trade I am fortunate to be brought up with.

Who are your inspirations

My music inspirations come from the fact I have been brought up by a musical family. My great grandfather Ezekiel ‘Biggs’ Yearwood was a successful steel pan maker, tuner and tutor in the UK who has passed his legacy down the generations. This musical inheritance is the reason why I play the steel pans today. I use this instrument as a live recorded element in my music. Also, due to having grown up exposed to a wide range of musical styles, I began developing a liking of particular electronic, atmospheric sounds of Calvin Harris, and heavy hip-hop rhythms of Timbaland’s work.

Not to mention also, my mother has been the main driving force of my music career. She is honest, critical when she needs to be however the most supportive. Her impact in my life pushes me to pursue what makes me happy, which is creating music.

How many instruments do you play:

I currently have 2 main instruments which are the Steel Pans and Keyboard, I also play dabble on the drums

Where’s the most interesting place you’ve made music

The most interesting place I have made music would probably be in my dream. There have been many occasions I would have lucid dreams of new melody and production ideas. I have been able to recall a whole melodic song which I then managed to finish into a full blown song.

Top tips for any younger musicians reading

I would personally say for any musician out there, authenticity and engagement is key. Your online presence needs to be as good as your music. We are now living in a day in age where the easiest ways to find new fans is online. By being able to attract and interact with a new stream of fans whilst being yourself is important, obviously the music needs to speak for itself too.

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