“I have created a video on how things have changed in the live music industry for both artists and those working behind the scenes, specifically for live sound engineers. Recently, it has been discovered that 170,000 jobs in the industry could be lost by the end of the year with an 80% decline. Due to lockdown, continuous restrictions on curfew and social distancing rules, this has had a devastating effect on grassroots music and small venues. There have been various peaceful protests under the Red Alert and We Make Events international movement seeking support from the local governments to help the industry get back to work and funding whilst that happens. Therefore, I would really like to collect stories from those who have been affected, have had to find work outside the industry and who have struggled financially and struggled with not being able to do what they love. However, I want to include those who have possibly continued to pursue opportunities alongside their full-time roles, what they may have accomplished and what they are hoping to achieve in the next year depending on COVID restrictions.”

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