Come on a musical journey with me to sample some tracks Granny is destined to shatter a hip to.

 Full of twists and turns, we start off with high-intensity energy, think Reggaeton, Hip-Hop and Afrobeats.

Then let’s head for a bit of a boogie within the dance music territory, perfect the footwork with the odd house and pop infusions.

Finally let’s mellow out for our final destination – ‘ the emotional wreck’ with some R&B, old time classics and school prom number 1’s. Is someone chopping onions, I promise I’m not crying!!!

What gives me inspiration?

High energy music – it gives me confidence and energy to pick me up on one of my lower days.

Sad songs – sometimes inspiration is found within moments of reflection.

Listen here>

I hope you enjoy listening to Granny’s Secret Bopper’s as much as I did making it.

Blog – The Neon Squid

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