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Tomorrow I’m going to be performing for the mayor of London. I’m trying to figure out the best time to tell my mum before everyone else but just before it so I can pretend I’m just doing a normal job.

I’ve written the audience a bespoke poem. I have many songs under my belt and whether or not I remember them, I feel that considering I only have two songs, I’d rather give them a taste of my work so that the next time they can be more acquainted with what I’m about. So today’s been spent writing and planning in my head. I have days like this a lot of the time, I’m very blessed to have opportunities like this and so I like to make sure that I’m well prepared so that I can turn any potential nervous energy into excitement. Today is quite a boring day in a way, but it’s moments like these that I need before the big moments. View footage>



After my last event I took a short break from Social Media. Not so much in the sense that I didn’t use it at all, but my usage was very much limited to posting on my story and responding to my listeners. What’s interesting about music – & life in general – is that you have ups and downs. You could have the Mayor Of London send you his approval and then easily be sent off course based on someone else’s negative thinking.

Today, 3 days later I was thinking about this idea of acceptance and how I’m grateful because I recognise that it’s always been a choice as to whether people accept me as I am or not. I really care about those people because that is what charges me to improve and so it’s very important to me that I make them aware of this. While on that thought, I told Mensing – the producer I’m making my current music with – that I was ready to work on new music again and he sent me this draft. Before I even told him what I was thinking about, he sent me this draft and in the sample it had this singer saying “I’m never gonna let you down” which was almost magical in my mind because it was perfect. It felt like the beat was saying “you can’t let the people who believe in you down because the support they give you is your power, it’s what makes you continue” and I had to respond to that in writing this song and in my actions onwards. Almost every song I’ve released came to me like a sort of divine intervention where I feel driven to say things in a clarity that in conversation I would struggle to articulate. I have a song called Ugly & one called Numeracy which I pretty much finished in an hour for this same reason and I can usually tell within the first 30 minutes that I’m making something good because time just flies by and then I find myself sitting with a finished version of a song.

I just want to make undeniably good music and a lot of times I don’t get a special moment like I did today. I get a lot of sessions that feel like they’re dragging on for ages because I can’t get inspired and so in moments like these I need to be grateful and energised.



Today I finished up my application for getting funded for my music. There are some great organisations like PRS and Help Musicians that are making sure that artists during COVID19 are sorted out when it comes to preparing for the future. I’m really passionate about growing as Tee Peters and so I want to figure out ways that I can increase the quality of my output and reach more people. Whether I do have a successful application or not I’ve now been able to write a good business plan that will help me keep pushing throughout the next year. This is just a question of how will I actually get this income.

If you’re interested in doing a decent funding video here’s mine (you can judge if it’s decent or dead haha).



Today I had some news for my social media:

Earlier this year I linked up with some amazing artists from the Netherlands which was an honour. I came across @bert_holet while I was listening to a playlist in the middle of the night. The song playing was only 1 minute long and so I kept looping it over and over until I realised that I had to contact him myself.

Anyway a few weeks later he was flying out to London with some friends & we started a couple tunes that I think you all will love and I’m happy to say that one of them is going to be coming out next week ! Swipe right for a preview.

Exciting times. I hope you enjoy this gem on August 7th… After that you’ll hear the next song off the #workingseason project soon too 👀

I’m very excited that my new single SOFA will be coming out in a few days from now. We’ve just premiered the song on BBC Introducing and it was described as being perfect for a summer’s night. Very happy with this one. View SOFA>



I have some very important people’s Birthdays this month. Everyone is in August and so I’m spending the weekend with them. No music at all (if I can help it). The chill time’s like these are what make my music authentic because these are the stories I end up telling.

My last task of the day was meeting up with one of my listeners. She’s an amazing photographer and she wanted to do a photoshoot. Today was planning day so we walked around my area and talked about life, music and goals etc… It was quite nerve racking because I haven’t really seen anyone since lockdown other than my family so it was quite interesting getting to know someone new again. It’s very tiring meeting new people, it’s fun but like people say to me it’s like I’m only extraverted when I touch the stage.




Twitter: https://twitter.com/ByTeePeters

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/byteepeters/

Website: https://byteepeters.com/

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/teepeters



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