Akin Soul

Day 1 (Monday) Mindfulness:

On Monday I had been out camping. This was my final day out camping. I had taken the time to meditate and feel the breeze around me. Being able to find peace of mind, I wrote a few poems. When I got home I took a long shower and rushed to my keyboard. I practiced the Jazz standard “Ladybird” and soloed on the tune for a while. I was astonished for the fact that being at one with myself, after my meditation, could improve such a task. 


Day 2 (Tuesday) More meditation + guitar playing

Tuesday – I was able to maintain my state of mindfulness. I continued to meditate and found myself at my friends house soloing on guitar and eventually writing a song with chords that just fell unto my fingers. In that moment, music was such a beauty. 


Day 3 (Wednesday) Hilly Fields Jam

Wednesday – I went out to Hilly Fields where my friends run a jam on a weekly basis. Still in my state of mindfulness and peace, I went onto stage and sang on a song that I had no knowledge of, as of course it’s a jam and all is improvised. I felt as light as a feather. I was soaring with my voice! I remember singing the words “It’s okay to be lonely”, this was something that had been on my mind before going on stage. I really do believe performing is one’s way of communication. My brother, who is a saxophonist, had arrived at the jam later that day and we had been on stage playing together. 


Day 4 (Thursday) Guitar Shed

Alas, we’re coming to the end of the week. I had a meeting on this day with my team for music that I am soon to be releasing. I later on this day was at my friends house and I started freestyling on music beats with my mates. I was rapping and singing, swaying and dancing. I later picked up my friend’s guitar, continued my soloing practice. To end the night, we all jammed on top of a few chords that I knew. My friends, being musicians, also sang along. 


Day 5 (Friday) Rehearsal:

Friday – Tomorrow (Saturday) would be the first gig I had in months! Friday was the day of rehearsal with my band “Akin Soul and The Soul Tribe”. We practiced all 5 songs that would be in my set. The rehearsal was enjoyable, though breaks were needed, yet well deserved. The songs we practiced for the gig were all my originals that I had written, apart from the cover of Janet Jackson’s – I Get Lonely. Now I bet you’re wondering how the actual gig went? It was excellent, we managed to remember a lot of the rehearsed material. The trick of a performance is to make everything seem planned. Even if something’s off or wrong, you must go with it! It was really fun playing with The Soul Tribe after a long while, they sounded amazing. I always get goosebumps when we play on stage…



Akin Soul

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