Timur Wilson

My music making has been quite sporadic over this recent period. Though my setup is limited (Mac, garageband and midi keyboard) I have managed to write new material/experiment with the sounds I have- as well as my guitar and piano.

Father’S Day –  21/06/20

I was with my Father, Mother and Sister in the morning at our garden table. My Sister presented a gift of coconut flavoured Toblerone, which I pretended to know about as I had left my contribution a little late. To rectify my mistake I rushed straight upstairs and wrote the majority of a song from a light hearted perspective on father’s day and the idea that even though a father grows older on the outside, he is (Not so) secretly younger than ever. I wrote the lyrics then came down with my guitar and played it as my gift to him. It doesn’t always happen so quickly that a song comes out fully formed, so I focused on creating as I felt like it as opposed to strict timetables.


Sample of lyrics:

I, I know you more than I could reach up to the skyline; skyline

Wonder who is in my eyes

Do I like or despise the earth I see

We make our plans hope that it lands the way we wanted

After mile’s end we can’t pretend, is it all worth it

And I, I see a man in his late old 40’s

Younger than it seems

Song composed and written by Timur Wilson (21/06/20)

Listen to Timur’s Audio here >




I played around with acoustic guitar sounds in garage band. Though limited, I was able to make use of these sounds to create pleasing harmonies. I also used place holder instruments for tracks that will eventually be filled with orchestral samples. I then played the ideas on my upright piano in my living room to see how it would sound if it were more organic.




I watched a film music documentary, looking at film music from the perspectives of many composers including Danny Elfman and Hans Zimmer. I also read from my book of the same theme. Another book I have been reading is of the life and work of Peter Gabriel, first a member of the band Genesis but later as a solo artist and founder of the WOMAD festival which introduced the western music scene to world music.





Today my father brought out a vinyl copy of a Steve Hackett album. Hackett was a guitarist of Genesis but went solo as well, this was very classically oriented so I enjoyed listening to it whilst playing scrabble with my father.






Today I listened to one of Sting’s albums called “symphonicities” with orchestral arrangements songs such as “Roxanne” and “Ever little thing she does is magic”.







Sample Timur’s video here> High Flying Vigour

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