We have so many different things to get involved in, here is a list of what we offer for our 16-25’s!



Generate is a program that offers a chance for you to apply for £1750 to work in partnership with Wired4Music on a larger project [Commission] or up to £350 to work on a Research and Development project. 

New rounds open annually in March and September annually and run for 6 months.



Last Thursday of the month, 6pm.

Guest speakers, Snacks and a chance to network with other Wired4Music members. You can also ask for music advice from the Wired4Music team!

Share your music by usb or through your online channel – this is a safe and inclusive space to share any work in progress or new songs!


Upcoming drop-ins 2020 [2pm,3pm or 4pm]:

  • Thursday 30 April
  • Thursday  28 May
  • Thursday  25 June
  • Thursday 30 July
  • Thursday 27 Aug
  • Thursday  24 Sep
  • Thursday  29 Oct
  • Thursday 26 Nov


Mini DNA’s

3rd Thursday of every month.

Book a ½ hour telephone slot for either 2pm, 3pm or 4pm.Get in touch with jasmine@sound-connections.org.uk to arrange your slot!


Upcoming Mini DNA slots 2020  [2pm,3pm or 4pm]:

  • Thursday 16 April
  • Thursday 21 May
  • Thursday 18 June
  • Thursday 16 July
  • Thursday 20 Aug
  • Thursday 17 Sep
  • Thursday 15 Oct
  • Thursday  19 Nov


Wired4Music Hotdesk

Wired4Music also offer our members free desk space on an ad-hoc basis. Here you are welcome to bring your own laptop and use our WIFI, or use one of our desktop computers.


Flagship Events

Twice a year we hold a flagship event – these are created with all of your suggestions and ideas in mind. We always ask what you want to see or be involved in, so make sure you give us feedback in our drop-ins!


Core Members 

Once you get involved with 3 or more Wired4Music projects, you become a Wired4Music Core Member. As a core member, we will actively include and champion your work and progress through the Wired4Music program!


Paid / Freelance Opportunities

We offer one-off paid opportunities throughout the year on a sporadic basis. Usually we ask for a short application or expression of interest to get involved in our paid opportunities.

These could be Facilitation, Ambassadorship, Mentorship or doing Writing for our blogs!

Please note: We do not provide unpaid internships / work experience. 


Programmed Activities

During the year, we also have programmed activities, these change depending on what the activity is. Examples of past projects are: Curators, Producers, Body Percussion Workshops, Vocal Workshops, Collaborative projects with other charities or through Generate.



We are a tiny team here at Wired HQ – but we take pride in enhancing your professional and personal development. Putting you in touch with our amazing partners like Roundhouse, Battersea Arts Centre, and Livity!



3rd Wednesday of the month

News about the Wired4Music network and upcoming opportunities. We also showcase Wired4Music members’ music and achievements in the newsletter – if there’s anything you’d like us to highlight – please send us a short bio / or around 50 words of text and a photo / video / link that we can showcase. 

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In Wired4Music – we are dedicated to your progression and want to take your views and opinions onboard! We have 2 Trustee vacancies a year, this is an opportunity for you to contribute to the strategic planning of our charity. This is unpaid but a fully supported program – and you can ask us any questions you need to ahead of applying. 

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