Feeling stuck? Job search getting you down? 

Work It Out is a free telephone coaching service which helps 18-30 year old women build confidence and take steps towards work.

Work It Out offers support, help and advice that’s completely personal to you. Once you sign up, you’ll get assigned your own coach. You can speak to them at a time that’s convenient to you (including evenings and weekends). They can speak with you as often as you like to help you along the way. Some of the things you can talk to them about might include:

– Figuring out what you want to do and are good at
– Recognising your skills and abilities
– Keeping up your motivation
– Managing things you’re struggling with (mental health, relationships, family, money etc.)
– Building your confidence
– How to be your best in job interviews
– Talking about your long term goals and hopes
– Other services that might be able to help you

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