It’s time to get creative

With everyone in lockdown and schools closed we’ve been adapting our programmes to support young people from home. As summer arrives we have some great new opportunities and we’d love you to get involved. Its really easy to make an animated film using the Stop Motion Studio app.
See below to join the project, or just give it a go! So get creative and tag us @WeRiseBrixton so we can see what you’ve done.

Get Involved in our Youth Empowerment Film

We are looking for young people aged 15-19

Lots of young people have told us that they feel that adults talk about them, but not to them. We have been commissioned by ft’work on behalf of the London Festival of Architecture to make a film about what YOUNG PEOPLE think. We need YOUR help to get their voices heard.

Our theme is EMPOWERMENT: What does it mean to be empowered? How do you get power? What in your life makes you feel powerful? Has the Lockdown made you feel less empowered or more? What would it take for you to be more powerful?


This is a great platform for young people’s voices to be heard

Young people can get involved as much or as little as they like by:

  • Being recorded talking about empowerment for the voice over
  • Filming yourself in your home and your street (we will help you with the technical aspects)
  • Lean the technical skills needed to create short films.

You will receive lots of support and guidance. All will be done with the help of We Rise coaches and follow all current social distancing guidelines. We will pay £10 for every contributor.

To find out more: email or DM us @werisebrixton or text/call 07800 714 807

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