Opera is boring, expensive and irrelevant, right? Wrong!
Join thousands of students already making the most of ROH Students and claim the opera house as your own. It is absolutely FREE to join and could be the start of a fantastic journey into opera and ballet. Make up your own mind and explore here.
  • More than 10,000 dedicated Student tickets
  • 1 complete performance of Swan Lake next Season
  • 10 Slips and Standing tickets for every single main-stage performance at face value (usually
  • 4 dedicated Amphitheatre performances (sometimes 5)
  • 2 tickets for £10 at participating cinemas
  • Dedicated booking days for each Booking Season
  • Last-minute £10 Student Standby tickets
  • Discounts in our bars and reduced-price programmes on Student Amphitheatre evenings
  • A price range from £1 to £25 on Student Tickets

For more info, or to sign up, click here

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