Timur Wilson is a composer and singer songwriter based in Hackney.


He is planning to undertake an a capella arrangement course on Monthly. Com, run by the group Pentatonix.


For this, he is looking to bring together singers across the standard SATB ranges, as well as any mixed ranges and tones. Timur is a bass, and is looking for vocalists with higher ranges to fill out arrangements.


Scores of reference for vocalists



Endings-Deus ex human revolution score

Ezio’s Family (Jesper Kyd), Assassin’s Creed theme(Lorne Balfe)

Dragon age origins (Aubrey Ashbourne/Inon Zur)



Dance of the druids(Bear Mccreary)


Tenor+ Panic at the Disco!

Tessa theme (Steve Jablosnky)



Skyrim soundtrack



The goal is to create two unique a capella arrangements, one an uptempo pop song and another a slower ballad.


Timur’s contact is




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