Due to COVID-19 developments, all ideas sessions and 1:1 sessions will happen over the phone.

All group sessions (including sharing sessions, welcome session, and meetings) will be held on Zoom.

For any help or access needs, please contact jasmine@sound-connections.org.uk. More info on access below!

Stay safe and keep creating!

Generate April 2021 [Round 1]

Calling all Musicians, Artists, Creatives, Curators, Wired4Music members!

We’re commissioning new projects!

With our new and updated Generate 2021 programme, this is a chance to flaunt your creative skills and work in partnership with Wired4Music.

There are two ways you can apply to the new Generate programme:


Generate R+D Guidelines

Apply for up to £350 for a personal project to enhance your development, artistry, skills or professionalism in music. This could look like:

o Taking on a Residency
o Testing out a new project idea; especially if it gets you working in a new way i.e. experimenting with other genres, techniques or skills
o Create a new piece of scratch work (i.e. not in finished form) that allows you to meet new collaborators and try out new skills and ideasResearch and Development projects are a way for you to experiment, research and plan, to work towards developing yourself as an artist or creative.

For further information or to apply please contact jasmine@sound-connections.org.uk

With the subject title ‘IDEAS SESSION’.

We will then book you in for a 30 minute session with us to talk through your project idea!

Ideas Sessions are open between Weds 21 April – Tues 11 May.


Generate Commission Guidelines

Thinking about doing a bigger music project that involves and benefits other 16-25’s?

Why not apply for a brand new Wired4Music Generate Commission?
We can pay project costs of up to £1,750 and you will work in partnership with Wired4Music to deliver a medium/large scale project.

These projects will be named under the commission title of  ‘Wired4Music Generate Presents…..your project title’

These projects could look like:

o Music workshops
o Live music event
o Installation / exhibition
o Collaborative project
o Mentoring programmes

During our ideas sessions you can speak to staff who can advise you on your project idea and if it is suitable. These sessions will begin on Weds 21 April . It’d be a great idea to start thinking about your budget and project ahead of your ideas session.

For further information or to apply please contact jasmine@sound-connections.org.uk.

With the subject title ‘IDEAS SESSION’

We will then book you in for a 30 minute session with us to talk through your project idea!

Ideas Sessions are open between Weds 21 April – Tues 11 May.


Weds 21 April – Tues 11 May
Ideas Sessions:
This is a chance to talk to the Wired4Music Team about your idea and get feedback. This can be by telephone, or email. Please get in contact if there’s another way you’d like to do your ideas session.

Fri 14 May
Deadline for applications

Tuesday 18 May


Thursday 20 May
Invitation to sharing session sent out

Thursday 27 May: 3pm- 5pm
Sharing session:
We will invite you to a Wired4Music Zoom session along with other shortlisted participants to talk through your ideas and meet other creatives.

Thursday 3 June:  3pm- 5pm
Welcome Afternoon:
Generators meet, share projects, learn about the next steps, and hear from last year’s Generators for some top tips.

Monthly mentoring sessions with the W4M team
Monthly meetings and mentoring sessions:
During your project we will stay in contact to work in collaboration on your project. These will take place between October 2020 and Feb 2021.

Oct 2021
End of Project:
We will help you complete the project and collect all the reports and data from your project and pay the final amount.
You must be available for all dates and confirm this when you make your application.

For further information or to apply please contact jasmine@sound-connections.org.uk.


Wired4Music seeks to make all of its opportunities as open and accessible as possible.
If there is anything you need or anything we can do in order for you to access the Generate application process, we will do our best to accommodate you!

We are also very open to hearing from organisations who are working with 18-25s who may have additional needs and require extra support from your organisation to complete the Generate application and make their project happen.
Please contact our Programme Manager Liz Coomb if you’d like to have a chat about access, or if you think we could be doing more liz@sound-connections.org.uk

Psst! Got a bit of an idea but not quite ready to apply? Wired4Music Generate will be open for another round of applications in September 2021. In the meantime, why not request a Wired4Music Mini DNA to talk about your ideas with a member of the team? More info here 

Please note: If you’ve previously taken part in the whole Generate programme, you won’t be eligible for this round.

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