Get your eyes and ears primed and ready for Drum & Docks, a new installation full of music and visual media from pioneering audio/visual remixers and electronic artists Addictive TV.

Between October and November, Addictive TV will be taking to the buildings and architecture around the Royal Docks to create this video installation, which will see percussionists play everything from railings and walls to the actual buildings and landmarks themselves. This audio-visual performance piece will showcase local talent and the historical magnificence of the area.

Fronted by Newham born local artist Graham Daniels, digital wizards Addictive TV are known for their innovative use of audio/video sampling and are creating this percussive piece by sampling recordings filmed around the Royal Docks with percussionists Jasdeep Bamrah, Michael Forde as well as other local drummers. From the SS Robin Ship through to the beautiful Royal Albert Dock Pumping Station, they’ll capture all the amazing sounds across the Docks.

This piece will be created with the participation of Flat50 ArtsNewham Music and East London’s Dhol Academy.

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