An all-star line-up of DJ’s (including Goldie, Ghetts and Tiffany Calver) are joining forces with in-school music initiative Future DJ’s to offer online DJ-ing lessons for 18-25 year olds. All courses will be delivered through an online platform so that young people can participate from home.


About the course:

The six sessions will be focused on the following…

(1). Introduction to DJing –This first lesson will identify and discuss what a DJ does, the different types of DJs, and opportunities within the DJ industry. This lesson will look at the structure of the genres of music covered in the Future DJs curriculums with a beats and bars overview, providing each student with the basic principals of music programming and track arrangement. During this lesson, the students will learn to navigate around DJ hardware with a basic DJ controller overview. The final part of the lesson will focus on how to perform the basic mixing technique, the “drop in”, and identifying which genres would be appropriate to use this mixing technique with.

(2). Musical Timing and Rekordbox DJ Intro – This lesson will start with a beats, bars, and phrases overview and recap, helping learners to correctly identify the basic principals of music programming and track arrangement followed by an introduction to the Rekordbox DJ software used throughout the DJ course. Students will learn to navigate the GUI (graphical user interface) and learn the basic features and functions available in the software. Students will also learn the importance of where and how to cue up a track to the correct play position, a vital step in performing with any mixing technique.

(3). Structure, Beat-Matching & Analysing Music in Rekordbox – This lesson will have a more in-depth and advanced assessment into beats, bars, and sections, how music is structured. Learning how the tracks in your music collection are structured will help to prepare learners’ progress onto more complex mixing techniques. Students will also learn the importance of how to analyse tracks in the Rekordbox DJ software, adding metadata, and how metadata can help a DJ during their practice and performances. This will be followed by a basic beat-matching recap and beat-matching exercises. Beat-matching is one of the most important creative skills to develop, allowing a DJ to construct different sequences with tracks in their collection.

(4). Genres, BPMs & Performance Mode – This lesson will help learners to identify the characteristics of the genres and tempos that are appropriate to this stage of the curriculum through a series of critical listening exercises and discussions. Learners will also study the interface of the Rekordbox DJ software in performance mode, in preparation for the correct identification and application of the 1 phrase intro mixing technique.

(5). EQs, frequencies & 2 phrase blend – This lesson will help learners to identify the function of EQ in mixing, identifying the 3 different frequency ranges that can be changed on the DJ controller, and identifying instruments that reside in those frequency ranges, followed by mixing a 2 phrase intro in Rekordbox DJ. Next, students will identify and apply the various play positions, EQ change positions, and fade lengths during the application of this mixing technique.

(6). EQ placement and 3 or 4 Phrase Blends – This lesson will help students to identify where to use an EQ change during a mix, the various types of EQ change techniques, and identifying which genres are appropriate when using EQ change. Students will learn the application and identification of the various play positions and fade choices when performing a 3 & 4 phrase introduction in a track.


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