The Wired4Music Leadership Programme is a platform that offers musically-minded Londoners, aged 18-25, the support, skills and resources they need to realise their creative potential and inspire others.

The programme is born out of Wired4Music, the music network for Londoners aged 16-25 which Sound Connections have developed over the last six years. With the support of Youth Music, we are pleased to offer tailored support to ambitious Londoners to fulfil their potential and bring their innovative music ideas to life.

From events promoters to educators, from producers to campaigners, the Wired4Music Leadership Programme has enabled us to offer these exceptional individuals tailored sessions, high quality skills training and invaluable access to a vibrant network of music sector contacts and partners.

We firmly believe that this programme is laying a foundation to fuel a surge of youth-led musical opportunities in London, as successful participants go on to mentor and support their younger peers leaving a lasting legacy for future generations.