The Wired4Music team has been hard at work, partnering with the Roundhouse on the Rising Futures day. This event launches the 2013 Roundhouse Rising Festival, and will dig deeper into some of the questions most affecting creative young people.

Leaders from across the music sector will be there; from policymakers to record producers and journalists to artists. Young people will have a chance to sit down with them all and discuss some of the issues that are on their mind.

Do you need a formal education to get started in music?

Everyone has their own musical journey; some got into music through school, others through community projects and some people picked it up on their own. We will discuss some of the pathways that exist for people in music, and what sorts of things young people wish were available to them.

What are the responsibilities of an artist? Should someone who has ‘made it’ give back to young people?

Our Wired4Music council members have often brought this up, wondering if there are ways that the music industry could be more responsible towards young people. They have also been thinking about their own pathways. Emerging artists and other music entrepreneurs need different qualities in order to find success. Are these things encouraged or taught in school?

What role does the media play in promoting music?

Have you ever wondered who it is that gets to decide what music is covered in the media? Are the bands and artists that get air time also the ones who can afford to spend money on marketing themselves? There are also many important questions around young people and the way that they are portrayed in the media, is the media helping or getting in the way?

Are there things that make it more difficult for young people to access music?

Wired4Music aims to get as many young people from across all of London involved in music. Sometimes it can be hard for people to access these opportunities because of things like costs or distance. Sometimes they are living in isolation and just aren’t hearing about opportunities. Also, are creative women represented enough in the public eye? Can someone’s culture sometimes determine what kind of music they are ‘allowed’ to make or listen to?

As you can see, there are plenty of questions that we are aiming to explore further at the Rising Futures day. We hope that this event starts a discussion that we can continue well into the future. A limited amount of tickets are still available, so you can join the discussion. We will also be raising these questions all week on Twitter, so stop on by!


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