Wired4Music member Kenny Mukendi was born in Paris in a family filled with musical passion. This is something that he has always carried with him, as he grew up surrounded by family members listening to different genres and styles. Kenny’s performance journey began when he was in primary school, where he began singing in his school choir. This is where he discovered his talent for singing and began dedicating himself to lessons and workshops hoping to improve his vocal techniques. Through his involvement with music at his secondary school, he has been able to travel across the world. His trips have taken him from New York to Madrid, and most recently as far as South Africa. Kenny believes that his school music program has played a crucial role in his life, helping him to follow his passion for music.

In 2009, Kenny joined up with some of his classmates to start a group, with the intentions of having fun and making music in their spare time. That group has now morphed into a Mammoth Sound, an eclectic 6-piece band. They are a versatile group of young musicians who truly demonstrate the vibrancy and multicultural energies of East London. They have drawn on their unique interests and styles, blending hip-hop, jazz, soul and dustup and featuring vocals in both English and French.

What started as schoolmates having fun has now turned into a band that has seen much success. Playing at venues such as The Jazz Cafe, The Indigo, The Garage they have continued to build a dedicated fan base across London. They have recently been asked to perform at the Music for Youth Schools Prom, a showcase of young talent from across London. Their story will also will be featured in a film at the Barbican about young East London artists. This film is called Unleashed, and will be showing in late November.

Mammoth Sound is led by Vulcan MC, which is Kenny’s artist name. He is motivated and passionate, and hopes to show this through everything that he creates. “I love writing it allows me to vent, express myself and to be creative with the scenery around me” explains Kenny.It is a chance to share “random ideas in my head and current events or events that have happened in my life.”

You can catch Mammoth Sound in their upcoming show as part of the Music For Youth Schools Prom, tickets are £5 and can be purchased here. You can also catch the film Unleashed, showing at the Barbican on the 23rd and 24th of November. Tickets are £12.50 and can be purchased here.

You can discover  Mammoth Sound on SoundCloud, Facebook and Twitter.


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