On Tuesday 16th October 2012, I attended my first Wired4Music council meeting to which I must say I was very impressed. The calibre of young people, who all have an interest in music and had come together to represent one voice for youth was great. My only regret was I wish I had heard about Wired4Music earlier as the opportunities and projects available to contribute to were incredible.

The council meeting naturally started off with introductions from all present. Conversing and discussions over upcoming events and opportunities arising, such as the ever popular Urban Developments “Industry Takeover”, the 10th birthday year of Sound Connections celebrated by their Would Like to Meet event at Shoreditch House and lastly one of particular importance was the Rising: Futures event, which is part of Roundhouse Rising Festival.

Roundhouse had delegated Wired4Music the pleasure of planning the programme and activities for the day. The undertone from Amy and Lawrence suggested this was a big prospect for the Wired4Music council. Excitedly we formed groups, joined our creative minds and came up with themes, activities and breakout session ideas. One must add the delectable Nando’s provided the creative juices to keep the ideas afloat. Subsequently, the council learned of an opportunity to meet with Roundhouse and present ideas the Wired4Music council collectively developed. Members of the council were elected to attend the meeting on Tuesday 23rd October 2012.

What I like about Wired4Music is what we stand for, the feeling of talking music, discussing issues related to youth, thinking of solutions in the company of like minded people is priceless. Wired4Music encourages you to push your ideas to life. Upon leaving the meeting I felt more motivated and confident about my own ventures, I was inspired to organise an event on Saturday 17th November 2012 called In-Essence presents promoting positivity through Music at the Africa Centre 7pm. This event brings together a global collaborative network of artists, musicians, poets, novelists and bands doing what they do best musically to bring about positive change to the world. Music artists will take the stage to influence young people by promoting positivity through music, raise awareness to empower and inspire generations to help communities, countries and the world. This event will see In-Essence officially birthed as an organisation that aims to provide a platform to promote positive change throughout the world for young people.

So for anybody reading this, pondering whether to sign up to join Wired4Music, here are some reasons why: if music is your passion; everything from education to youth interests you; you like to address issues related to young people and you want to be a key player in planning events and creating opportunities. Then Wired4Music is for you and we look forward to welcoming you on board to shape a brighter future for generations to come.

Delicia Edgar is a 23 year old member from Lewisham. She is organising an event in November at the Africa Centre, promoting positivity through music. For more information on this event, visit our opportunities section.

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