What We Do

Drawing from every corner of London, we are a diverse collective of young people, all wired for music. We have produced a groundbreaking manifesto about the future of music in the capital. This is only the beginning – these five themes are the start of a conversation that will get young people heard. Add your voice and sign up today.


Wired4Music Manifesto


Music is our passion, our life and our dream. We want presence on stage and behind the scenes. Give us the opportunity and we’ll show you the possibilities.


Invest in us. We need to preserve what we have. Music spaces are a creative person’s neighbourhood, but don’t forget to bring the music to us. Spread the love across London.


Raw talent is deep in London, but ‘musician’ isn’t a job you can apply for. We believe there are no set routes or pathways. It’s being able to do what we love that counts, and we want to decide what it means to be successful.


Music is an island that everyone can stand on. Give us all the chance to try. Don’t stereotype young musicians. Listen to our stories, help us to rise up. Let’s look towards the future, we can lead the way.


Bring us together; let’s meet like-minded people. If it’s not what you know but who you know, then let’s all get to know each other.


Join the Conversation

The Wired4Music Leadership Programme is a new platform that gives young musical entrepreneurs aged 16-25 the support, skills and resources they need to realise their creative business potential.