vInspired’s Cashpoint

vInspired’s Cashpoint gives you the power (and the money) to bring your own community project to life. Tell us what great change you want to make and how your project clearly benefits others. We’ll give you up to £500 to make it happen. We’ll check in throughout your project to make sure you have everything you need. If you’d like extra support from someone outside of vInspired – like a teacher, youth worker or parent – there’s a section of your application form that they need to complete. They just need to be super clear on how you will be in charge of the project, not them.

We’ll stump up the cash if:

  • The project is run by a 14-25 year old volunteer in the UK
  • The project has a clear community benefit
  • The main aim of the project is not to fundraise
  • The project is either completely new or something you’ve done before but would like to do differently
  • At least two unpaid 14-30 year old volunteers can help you out
  • The project costs £500 or less and vInspired Cashpoint is the only funder

For more info or to apply, click here

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