We are, Winnie and The Rockettes an original London based Rock, Funk and Soul band that has in a year an a half played in Festivals in London, Sofar Sounds, The Roundhouse etc.

We like to get our hands dirty and plough on but 2018 will super busy for us!

We are recording an EP in January 2018 and will have a release party in March 2018. We are looking for WIRED4MUSIC members to be a part of this or collaborate with us.

To participate: We need someone who will be a booker/agent/promoter for the release party. This will mean securing the venue, online promotion, speaking to promoters, radio, online magazines, pluggers etc. Having some track record of previously doing this would be great!

  1. Collaborate with us: Do you hold events in London? club nights? Parties? We would like to collaborate with an ongoing event organiser/event taking place in London for the release party.

Age range of participants:


Cost or Fee: 

20% of ticket sales

Deadline to sign up or apply/event date: 


Link/Email address where people can contact or get more info: 

Check us out and contact us here!





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